Does the prices that are shown include VAT?

No, all the prices of the products are without VAT. 

Is shipping really cheap?

Yes! Our customers only have to pay 70% of the market price of the shipment and, if applicable, the customs duty, the rest is covered by us.

How can I pay for my order? What are the payment options?

If you want your order shipped to your shop / warehouse / home, you should select “Bank transfer / Bank deposit” at the checkout. Our colleagues will contact you with the details after you placed your order.

If you want to come and pick up your order, you can pay at our warehouse in Hungary, Pomáz (ICO út 4.) by cash or with card. 

(It is also possible, to transfer the amount then come and pick up the order yourself.)

From which countries can I order?

Possibly the one you are currently at. You can order from all of the countries in the geological EU. If you have trouble finalizing your order, please contact us at b2b@fashionstock.hu.

How much time until my order is prepared and shipped?

We work fast. After placing your order, it shouldn’t take more than 2 business days for our colleagues to prepare the goods. We have more than 1 million pieces of clothing in our warehouse, so we have to double-check every order, but this usually takes less than a day. After the GLS pick-up, you will receive tracking information and approximate delivery time.

Are these clothes original? 

Absolutely. Every garment has a label with it’s own unique corresponding EAN code, QR-code or article number. Most of the goods come in their factory polybag packaging. 

Why are the prices so low, compared to other e-shops and retailers?

Easy. We buy these brands in bulk, so we get the lowest prices on the market, that’s why we can also give you the guaranteed best prices. 

If I want to go and check the goods myself, is it possible?

Please come! It is always better to see the goods for yourself. If you plan to open your shop, or you have one but want to buy some goods for the new season, we advise you to come and get acquainted with our brands, our team and generally the way we work.

Our address is:


2013, Pomáz, ICO út 4.

Our opening hours are:

Monday           9:00-17:00

Tuesday          9:00-17:00

Wednesday     9:00-17:00

Thursday         9:00-17:00

Friday              9:00-17:00

Saturday          9:00-14:00

Sunday            closed (ordering online still available)


If you have any questions please send us an e-mail to b2b@fashionstock.hu.